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The Global video game market is surpassed $180 Billion USD in 2020. This amount is bigger than the sum of the Global Movie Industry AND North American Sports COMBINED.

Sales boomed during 2020 in all markets, some exceeding 100% growth. The lockdown and lack of almost every other form of entertainment created a sudden surge in gaming creating widespread shortages of video game consoles. The Nintendo Switch notoriously was out stock for several months leading Nintendo to increase its sales target 35%. This sudden explosion in sales was followed by the launch of the New Generation of consoles, namely the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series which pushed video game sales ever higher.

Sony quickly announced a worldwide shortage of its new PS5, which quickly shattered all sales records selling more units in its first 12 hours than the PS4 in its first 12 weeks, a 168x increase. 2021 is expected to continue this trajectory.

$180 Billion

USD IN 2020



35% Nintendo


United States

The United States is the largest video game market in the world. Total Video Game spending rose 22% to $44.5 Billion USD from 2019. It is also one of the most developed markets. A recent survey showed that a whopping 79% of people stated they had played video games in the past 6 months, those surveyed also stated playing 14 hours of video games a week, up from 12 hours in 2019.

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Spain is one of the fastest growing video game markets in the world. During 2020 Nintendo reported sales growing 73% between April and September. Polls indicate people aged 45 to 54 increased the time they spend gaming by an impressive 60%. The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series console were sold out in all of Spain minutes after their release. Shortages are expected to continue for the next 8 months.

Total video game sales in Spain triple the total income of the movie industry in this country. Over 50% of all people aged 6 to 64 play video games regularly and 42% of gamers are female.

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Latin America

Latin America experienced some of the fastest growth during 2019 of all markets. A great example is Perú, where total video game sales increased 150%. This is not unusual in the region with sales increasing 246% by June in Chile.

Another amazing statistic shows that 266 million new gamers entered the market in Latin America during 2020. Total video game income for Latin America is expected to reach $60 Billion USD during 2020. The largest market in this region is undoubtedly Mexico which by itself has over 70 million consumers and projected to exceed $40 Billion Mexican Pesos in 2020.

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map of Latam

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